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Pagans in Touch

Reaching out for equal rights

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giving every Pagan a chance to have a voice.
This is the Livejournal for the Pagans in Touch activist community.

In a society where Pagans often do not have their legal rights enforced, many of them still remain uninvolved and isolated from the greater Pagan community and the opportunities for social activism that community is involved in. Pagans in Touch connects individual Pagans and small Pagan groups with larger organizations, giving every Pagan a chance to have a voice. In this way, people may participate in events and activities and find resources for enforcing the legal rights of minority faiths. Thus we are building a strong, diverse community that is accepting and encouraging of the variety of ideas that people have.

We reach out to Pagans, including practitioners of Polytheistic, Pantheistic, Goddess-Based, Earth-Based, Pre-Christian, Witchcraft-Based, Heathen, and other such spiritualities. We especially reach out to those individuals that have previously been uninterested or overwhelmed by the religious minority activist movement. We give them access to information, resources, organizations, and occasions for activism, such as rallies, letter-writing campaigns, and opportunities to educate the public. Pagans in Touch strives to facilitate the protection and expansion of the legal rights of Pagans by bringing many disparate groups together to endeavor for their civil rights as a community. By fostering an inclusive and diverse environment in our organization, we hope to promote these values in society as a whole.

At the moment, we are focusing on the United States, especially the Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia area, but we hope to expand as our organization grows.

Anyone may watch this community to watch for opportunities for social activism.

Discussion is welcome in the comments, but verbal abuse is not.

While this is not the community for in-depth spiritual conversation or advice about magic, we are happy to answer basic questions for those unfamiliar with paganism or the issues that affect pagans.

Posting guidelines are in this post:

In order to post about an issue, rally, event, organization, letter writing campaign or other call to social activism, one must be a community member. Members must be 18 or older and have their age posted on their user profile. Their LJ must also appear to be genuinely used, to prevent trolls.

If you would like to introduce yourself, you may comment on this post:

If you are the moderator/maintainer of a community that would like to mutually link to this one, you may leave a comment or email a moderator/maintainer.

Contact info: DiscipulaDC may be reached at gmail.com